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 Hear about our clients results 

Noah hired a personal trainer to help with his form and make sure he was doing exercises correctly. He now feels he is a better version of himself.

Suzanne before working with a personal trainer was barley able to sit up, stand, and sit down. She was not only able to conquer all those old challenges, but now she can do them with heavy weight added. Her ability to move and function has improved in 5 months time seeing her trainer at GYM SRQ. She is now able to get in/out of a car, sit down/stand up, carry things, and make her way through life each day.

Pat was experiencing tendinitis because she was not exercising. After she started working with a trainer at GYM SRQ, she was able to stop seeing her physical therapist because she was getting better results with her trainer. She is now able to do things she was never able to do in the past not working with a personal trainer.

Jeff decided to work with a trainer at GYM SRQ because he didn’t want to waste time lifting weights improperly resulting in a possible injury. With a knee replacement and a bad left shoulder, Jeff is working to build muscle around his injuries to feel better physically.

Joseph trains with personal trainer Carson Kedroski. Joseph talks about his experience working out at GYM SRQ and why training with Carson has helped him stay on track and stay accountable.

Michael trains with personal trainer Sean Rhinard. Michael explains why working out with Sean always keeps him more engaged in his workouts, and how focusing on his overall health and movement has made his workouts more comfortable and more beneficial.

Colleen trains with personal trainer Sean Rhinard. Colleen explains how Sean was able to expose some weaknesses by challenging her and then help her to work on those challenges. She also talks about the benefits of training as a couple with her husband Michael and how its helped improve the health of their relationship.