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Marc Leflere

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Marc is a self-started entrepreneur who teaches and practices injury and disease prevention daily. He does this through quality education and support in order to maintain and create a purposeful, successful, healthy lifestyle for himself, his clients, and the community. With over 20 years of diverse experience as an Exercise Physiologist and Strength and Conditioning Coach and being a former collegiate (soccer) and professional athlete (kickboxing), makes Marc a highly motivated professional eager to help you achieve your wellness goals! Marc is eager to use his experience to help you achieve your wellness goals.


Marc received his B.S. in Exercise Science and Wellness in 1998 from Florida Atlantic University and has worked with a wide array of clients. He has worked with adults and children on motor skill development, self-confidence, general wellness, injuries and rehabilitation. He has also worked with individuals in special populations (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Neurological Disorders, Crohn’s Disease, Asthma, etc), and trained athletes of all levels, children – professionals. He has worked with athletes in college (Notre Dame, Texas,
LSU, FSU, UF, Rutgers), the NFL (Eagles, Giants, Vikings, Dolphins), MLB (Manny Ramirez, Mets, Tigers, Angels), NBA (NY, Dallas, Denver, Boston), PGA, Boxing (Former Heavyweight World Champ Shannon Briggs, Former Light Heavyweight World Champion Oneil Bell), USA Swimming, the USTA and many more. As an Exercise Physiologists, Marc regularly gives seminars and guest lectures for many different organizations. They have included Florida Atlantic University, The Fitness Institute, The Hadassah Women’s Group, various children’s wellness organizations, and many Obesity support groups, as well as, having served as an expert witness in federal court.


• Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Wellness – Florida Atlantic University
• Exercise Physiologist

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